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Why Going Global Ventures is for 21st century?

Globalization has changed the way that companies and nations operate and created conditions for the global knowledge economy. Technology and globalization have eliminated geographic barriers and forced new closeness. This new proximity focuses attention on the gaps between countries, governments, societies and people.

In a knowledge-based world, businesses need to learn to transport ideas as swiftly as products. Innovation, creativity and human talent are necessary components of a knowledge economy. It is a global world-either you are part of this creative universe or you are unable to exist in the 21 century global knowledge economy.

The world is not just the sum of autonomous cities, regions and countries. And the world is not (totally) flat. There are some mountains of creativity in the middle of the desert. These mountains are the cities and countries which can attract the best talent. Those places which cannot grow into mountains will dry out - becoming deserts. The world will be the sum of the most creative knowledge clusters.

A knowledge cluster is a geographic region, product, service, industry segment or community of practice in which knowledge flows from the point of origin to the point of need or opportunity. Knowledge clusters are emerging rapidly as the next step in the quest for sustainable growth and economic development for cities, regions, countries, corporations and global virtual organizations.

As the knowledge-based economy expands, stakeholders are finding this to be an appealing transformational pathway to a prosperous, diversified, and abundant future. In the knowledge economy, the future belongs not to those who sense change and simply respond to it. It belongs to those who anticipate and recognize the potential offered by change and who provide sound leadership with social responsibility.

To meet the complexity and challenges of the 21st century, Going Global Ventures was founded in 2007 by Mark Minevich and a small group of business leaders, global thought leaders, professional researchers, investigators and knowledge process outsourcing practitioners in dynamic Asian economies. The firm's goal is to bring to bear the founders' expertise, experience and global network of relationships to provide clients with the highest quality business intelligence, investment research and analysis of emerging markets.


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