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Billion Minds Foundation

Billion Minds Foundation (BMF) is a leading international organization and multi-disciplinary think-tank committed to improving human potential, accelerating innnovation and creativity, and addressing global sustainability to foster the knowledge economy.

BMF brings together some of the world’s most influential and accomplished businessmen, individuals, thought leaders and families.

BMF has global reach, with offices in the U.S., Netherlands, Switzerland, and Singapore.

BMF Board, Co-Chairs and Strategic Advisors operate in the U.S., UK, Netherlands, Switzerland, Singapore, Russia, Brazil, China and India.

BMF will play an important role in Going Global Ventures

The BMF community will provide valuable insights for our research, including knowledge about business environments, social and cultural issues and technological advancements.

Going Global Ventures has recruited a number of the world’s most influential leaders in academia, business and NGOs. They not only advise the Going Global Ventures but also play an active role as part of the Billion Minds Foundation. A selected list of these distinguished members can found at


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