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Mark Minevich: the Destiny of Russia in the Global Outsourcing Context, Interop, Moscow

Mark Minevich, the accepted opinion leader in global knowledge and outsourcing, delivered a speech to some of Russia's top CIOs at the Interop technology exhibition in Moscow. He estimated that Russia might take the 5th place among the countries leading in the provision of outsourcing services.

Mr. Minevich stressed that outsourcing can make competitive not only individual companies, but also governments and countries. Outsourcing helps to achieve a greater degree of global integration of nations, thus leading to an evened out and better life and social environment. The development of knowledge clusters around the globe (which is in the nature of technological outsourcing) is not only based on the low cost idea, but also on other values. "The first generation of offshoring and outsourcing is over, ladies and gentlemen. Now you either innovate globally or globally innovate," - Mark emphasized in his speech.

Mark lit his presentation with the latest examples of technology clusters that he came across in different countries and expressed his strong belief that Russia as a part of the Goldman-Sachs BRIC model, and will soon become an important player of the outsourcing marketplace. Mark's latest book on the global knowledge concept "Six Billion Minds" is available in a number of online bookstores.

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