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Business Intelligence Services

Market and Competitor Analysis

Going Global Ventures provides value-added information, analysis and knowledge so clients can make better-informed decisions, identify risks, opportunities and solutions, and compete more effectively. Our services include the following areas:

Market analysis

  • Market size, growth, potential, key drivers and trends
  • Market size estimation, identification of key players, market trends, industry outlook

Customer surveys

  • Identify behavioral trends and preferences

Customer analysis

  • Customer segments, customer needs and perceptions

Company profiles

  • In-depth company analysis to help clients develop an understanding of their competitor's business model and competencies

Competition analysis and competitive benchmarking

  • Competitive situation, price levels, market share, strengths and weaknesses, analysis of main players
  • Identification of attractive companies through exhaustive screening in a particular geography/industry/sector
  • Competitive benchmarking includes evaluation of various aspects of the client's operational and financial parameters with its competitors. The identification will be based on parameters such as: sector, geography, management profile, financials, product offers

Competitive Profile

We provide a roadmap and a profile of the competitive landscape in a given industry sector to enable clients to leverage their market position. This includes identifying potential rivals, assessing these rivals' respective strengths and weaknesses, understanding how they operate as well as developing a complete ecosystem including commercial and governmental units. The profiles involve:

  • Assessing competitors' strategies regarding any effort to undermine client positions in competitive bidding
  • Examining the business strength, viability and relationships of potential partners
  • Vetting potential suppliers and distributors as well as local affiliates and associations
  • Identifying commercial and governmental allies of competitors while developing influential potential client contacts and relationships

Market Strategies

We develop the market strategies analyzing the following aspects:
  • Identification of target customer segments
  • Competitive positioning (price-quality-service)
  • Production and distribution models
  • Required skills and resources for organization
  • Required level of financial investment
  • Other strategic decisions required for success

Country/Industry Missions and Workshops

Our meetings consist of site visits, meetings and interviews with potential partners, customers and industry experts, enabling our clients to gain a first impression of the market and to make contacts.

Business Partners

We find reliable partners for our clients using our large global network and partners.

Country, Industry and Competitor Tracking

We follow country, industry or competitor actions through collecting and summarizing articles and other published information. We understand new geographies and explore the opportunities available in various countries. We research, develop and publish detailed country profiles such as: Identification of attractive geographies:
  • Providing detailed assessments of country business operating environments;
  • Examining risk and stability issues involving concerns over labor, local government, corruption and crime, physical security and regional security;
  • Detailing local business practices including any local government influences on business and the behavior of competitors;
  • Reporting on relevant aspects of supplier relationships or specific commodities that affect business operations, including production levels, inventory, and shipping.

Marketing & Attracting Investments

"Go to Market" strategy development includes:
  • Market intelligence systems
  • Investment workshops and road shows

Emerging Technology Intelligence and Assessments

Provide unbiased emerging technology research and analysis backed by experts and proprietary data to help companies profit from the impact of globalization and innovative emerging technologies on their business.

  • Conduct emerging technology research on emerging technology trends and capabilities relevant to corporations and investment institutions
  • Maintain a current and relevant view of the industry from various dimensions, market trends and developments, emerging technologies, competitive landscape, standards developments
  • Provide due diligence and assessment of emerging technologies on global scale
  • Review future initiatives and perform technology assessments and assist in preparing and presenting market, technology and company specific findings
  • Present findings and make recommendations to senior decision makers and/or investors

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