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Investment Research

Investment Research Overview

  • We help buyout funds, private equity firms, investment, hedge funds and other institutional investors identify great opportunities in potential countries and industries.
  • We assess the readiness of globalization.
  • We quantify scale and speed of the transformational potential to ensure greater returns.
  • We use our extensive knowledge of service providers, our suite of evaluation tools and our experience in determining what separates the winners from the also-rans to identify global opportunities.
  • We perform strategic due diligence, evaluation of services and product fit. We validate the potential competitive threats and opportunities.
  • We identify attractive/niche sectors for investment.
  • We provide sector briefs, providing information such as - market size, key players, drivers of growth, etc.
  • We provide comprehensive due diligence human intelligence support to management and investors prior to in all parts of investment banking including acquisitions, joint ventures, mergers.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Corporate Acquisitions

We provide advice and support to our clients during the acquisition process in Eastern Europe, Russia, Israel, China and India. Our services include:

  • Search of acquisition candidates
  • Analysis of acquisition candidates in terms of:
    • Strategic fit
    • Market position
    • Organization
    • Financial situation
    • Legal background
    • Reputation
    • Target company valuation and bidding strategy
    • Support in commercial negotiations
    • Support in finding local partners for due diligence
    • Takeover process support

Acquisition Process Support

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We participate in merger projects across various industries when merging the companies creates additional value for the parties involved. Our role in mergers typically includes:

  • Business planning
  • Finding key management
  • Organizing financing
  • Facilitation of the merger negotiations

Typically a merger between North American and Emerging Markets companies from Eastern Europe and Asia creates synergies in terms of:

  • Customer base
  • Productivity
  • Know-how

Our insight into the business environment both in Eastern Europe, Asia and North America allows us to offer unique support for all parties involved.

Global Deal Flow

Through our exclusive global network, we are constantly searching investment opportunities in the Baltic countries, Russia, Brazil, Israel, China, and the Ukraine for investors and corporate partners. Going Global Ventures helps investment managers to identify the most successful global opportunities. We work with private equity, LBOs, venture capital and angels, as well as institutional investors to help them take part in the globalization revolution.

Our role in investment projects typically includes:

  • Sourcing, seeking and analyzing investment opportunities
  • Opportunity identification and deal assessment
  • Project business planning
  • Implementation-partner and key personnel search
  • Organizing financing
  • Organizing marketing and sales programs
  • Providing our contacts and global network

Investment Human Intelligence

Going Global Ventures facilitate efforts to understand the business practices, performance, management integrity and risks associated with companies in emerging markets.

Our human intelligence services include:

  • Examining the reputations, associations, activities, and ethics of potential partners, investors or key hires
  • Confirming or refuting allegations of questionable business practices;
  • Identifying, early on in the deal process, any undisclosed liabilities or questionable financial reporting
  • Researching unusual offshore structures vehicles associated with potential merger, acquisition, or joint venture targets
  • Clarifying the nature of relationships between target companies and various individuals, including government officials
  • Providing a Road Map for doing a deal, determining powerbases and shifting alliances such as connections, power shifts, control, key relationships
  • Conducting thorough background searches on key management and business entities
  • Identify material misrepresentations , financial fraud, questionable business relationships, potential regulatory violations
  • Identify various sources that make it possible to verify assertions concerning employment, education, net worth, financial leverage, and business reputation and practices
  • Conduct detailed due diligence on prospective business partners, clients, intermediaries, agents, mergers and acquisition participants, JV partners, fund managers, to determine:
    • Relationships with politically and financially exposed persons
    • Appearance of, or business relationships with, any entity or person found on a "prohibited list"
    • Education and employment verification
    • Regulatory compliance history
    • Character, reputation and performance of investment candidates
    • True nature of corporate ownership and control for purposes of preventing conflicts of interest or reducing reputation risk

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