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Creating a social networking platform is complex and continuously evolving. Construction, maintenance and expansion require enormous expertise along with recruiting and maintaining a sustainable community. Our services in this area include:

  • Conduct an assessment and business intelligence to develop social networking strategy.
  • Develop an overall roadmap, strategy and metrics for a successful social corporate/NGO network.
  • Create and setup a unique, branded online "community space" that enhances communication, community and reach with the target audience in a meaningful way and for a meaningful purpose.
  • Provide truly effective online social/professional network and fully integrated social networking/community platform that meets economic, audience size and technical integration realities.
  • Provide an ability to link "like minds" with one another making it an essential part of conversational marketing strategy.
  • Deploy "users are in control" strategy; reflects a paradigm shift from push to pull marketing.
  • Empower members to control and utilize their social networks in a meaningful and protected way.
  • Provide value-added research and content to keep members coming back and provide a way for groups of users to form around special interests.
  • Attract and recruit members from other social networking sites (Linked In, Ryze, Ecademy, OpenBC), or other propriety networks.
  • Provide facilitation and moderate social network by engaging audience in a sustained meaningful way.
  • Identify next-generation tools, technology features that are popular today, such as tags and video. Review traditional online community tools used to support these communities, including blogs, podcasts, video/audio, Skype, message boards, mailing lists, and Usenet groups/forums.

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