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Our Capabilities

Business Intelligence

  • Conduct market and competitor analysis
  • Create market-entry strategies
  • Organize country/industry excursions
  • Identify business partners
  • Track country, industry and competitor news
  • Provide customized, high-quality research solutions

Investment Research Solutions

  • Identify and analyze investment opportunities and target markets
  • Arrange financing and facilitate appropriate investment business partnerships
  • Ensure the success of the project by effective control over investments and selection of implementation partners
  • Identify and analyze potential acquisition targets
  • Prepare acquisition strategies
  • Manage and facilitate acquisition process stages

Create Value-Added Knowledge Content for Custom Events and Community Social Networks

  • Identify strategic issues and future trends assessments
  • Facilitate workshops, seminars, workshops, briefings, executive teleconferences and videoconferences to generate high value-added knowledge to leverage globalization strategies
  • Develop a strategy, set up and drive membership, provide content and facilitate community social networks

Smart Cities Solutions

  • Going Global Ventures organizes innovative consortium enabling intelligent sustainable environments of different sizes, urban, regional, national and transnational. The Group models and develops innovation cities, digital cities, cyber cities, intelligent cities, and green cities, integrating as smart sustainable communities where new urban solutions, social spaces, collective intelligence, and disruptive technologies are developed, tested and embedded. The smart city turn-key process includes all of the steps: the site selection, negotiations, spatial/space planning, construction coordination, complete delivery and centralized management. We implement the most viable construction strategy of building intelligent sustainable cities as physical-virtual-social-natural territorial systems of innovation, intelligence, digital space and ecosystems.
  • We enable full sustainable communities and innovation environments of all sizes and scales: local, urban, regional, national, international and transnational. We provide emerging smart cities global market by offering integrated, holistic models of innovation national ecosystems, digital cities, cyber cities, intelligent cities, and green cities as smart sustainable communities, where new solutions, social spaces, collective intelligence, and innovative technologies are developed, tested and embedded.

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