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Global Risk Assessment

Globalization is changing the way that companies and governments conduct their business. It will also become the predominate driver for the global knowledge economy. Globalization is tilting the world like a giant sliding board game on which the "flattening" of old barriers is accelerating the transfer of goods and services produced from the U.S. and the EU to the rest of the world, especially Asia. Moreover, in the increasingly globalized knowledge economy of the 21st century, the relationship between risk and opportunity is extremely integrated and interconnected.

Today's executives must manage in times of uncertainty. Markets can disappear in seconds. Business partners may change and morph overnight. They say no man is an island, but today, no island is an island. My problem is your problem. Fast paced 21st-century change does not allow the pause. The one constant top executives understand-no matter where in the world they conduct business-is that they must create an edge in a highly competitive global marketplace to survive. The world functions in the interconnected web of global hubs and nodes. The competition is heating up among the billion minds around the world creating brain gain - brain drain. Technology and globalization have forced new proximity that brings into greater focus the gaps between countries, governments, societies and people. The growth of the former Eastern Bloc and Russia, the expansion of the European Union, the dynamic rise of economic power in Asia - particularly China and India, the appearance of a new silicon valley in Israel and Dubai, and the surge in energy-related wealth in the Middle East and Central Asia are generating new investment opportunities.

Offset against these new opportunities are an array of new business risks, including the lack of transparency in many emerging markets, compliance and governance regulations, cultural misunderstandings, corruption and political instability, threats to brand integrity and intellectual property rights and, in some areas, physical security dangers.

The goal of Going Global Ventures is to provide knowledge and intelligence to our clients and help to create a perfect balance between leveraging opportunities and protecting against risk.

Going Global Ventures will provide an overall current and future risk score for countries by identifying, analyzing, prioritizing, assigning and mitigating risks and complexities along different global dimensions, including:

  • Transaction risk, competitive risk, geopolitical risk, human capital risk, innovation risk, legal risk, economic risk, cultural risk, fraud risk, cost/price ratio risk, personnel risk, regulatory risk, brand and reputation risk, IT infrastructure risk, intellectual property risk, physical risk and political risk.
  • In addition, countries are given market opportunity ratings and overall risk assessment scores.

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written by: Mark Minevich, March 5, 2005


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