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Mark Minevich Testimonials

"Mark Minevich's tremendous knowledge on matters of globalization and the important issues arising there from have put him at the forefront as a necessary resource and advisor to leaders of industry, heads of state and think tanks alike. His uncanny ability to simplify the complex web of variables and define the appropriate course of action have proven time and time again to be invaluable. Mark is in a league of his own when it comes to predicting disruptive events within the global context while identifying the measured response to ensure success at every turning point. The depth of his personal relationships and network amongst the fortune 500, the leading companies of tomorrow and the political personalities within which they operate have placed Mark in a unique position of influence. He readily deploys his network to affect outcomes enriching those with whom he interacts."

Harald H. Ludwig
President, Macluan Capital Corporation
Chairman of the Board, Lions Gate Entertainment
Founder, General Partner of General Capital Group Germany

"Mark Minevich is a world-class intellectual on the subject of globalization. His entrepreneurial abilities are also remarkable. It is hard to imagine a meaningful discourse on globalization without him being a participant."

Dr. Jagdish Bhagwati
University Professor, Economics and Law
Columbia University & Author of In Defense of Globalization (Oxford)
Sr. Fellow, Council Foreign Relations

"Mark is a unique player in the ever changing global marketplace. He has the ability to bring together brilliant minds and synthesize material that is current and crucial for today's leader. Being in the business of placing global leaders, I am able to say without a doubt that he leverages a global network to enable leaders to have the advantage that they need to be competitive today."

Umesh Ramakrishnan
Vice Chairman
Global Head of Technology, Media & Telecom
Christian & Timbers

"Mark has presented a vision for the future that is exceptionally inclusive. It brings together resources from all over the world and applies a laser focus on using global technology solutions to have a positive impact on mankind's future. He thinks globally and applies his energy to accelerate a dynamic global economy."

Richard T.C. LeFave
SVP and Chief Information Officer
Sprint Nextel

"Mark Minevich, or 'Global Mark' as he is sometimes known, has been associated with the work of The Performance Theater and Xynteo on many occasions and on many levels. He has an unparalleled network of C-level contacts, with whom we also work, to bring insight and new knowledge to our clients. This is very much appreciated by our client base. Outside his network, Mark himself is an enthusiastic expounder of the very current questions and issues under discussion on globalisation and his creative mind has furnished the world with new perspectives (see his latest book: Six Billion Minds) on how we can deal with these pressing dilemmas. Our clients find these higher level discussions on global issues to be both informative and exciting."

Osvald Bjelland
Chairman of The Performance Theater Foundation and Xynteo
London, UK and Oslo, Norway

"Mark has an ability immediately to impress both with his deep knowledge of a wide range of subjects and also with his extensive and expanding network of people in business, government and academia."

Sir Paul Judge
Chairman of the Royal Society of Arts, of Teachers' TV, of Schroder Income Growth Fund plc, of Digital Links International, of the Businessdynamics Trust, of the British-North American Committee and of the Museum of Brands, President of the Association of MBAs, Deputy Chairman of the American Management Association and an Emeritus Trustee of the Cambridge Foundation

"I have known Mark for many years know and believe he's one of the top technologists that you may run into. He is a true technologist that can learn very quickly. Whatever he will need to know he will absorb in no time and I will always be there to assist."

Tsvi Gal
Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer,
Deutsche Bank Asset Management
and President of Society of Information Management- Greater New York

"Mark posses a keen analytical mind with deep insight into globalization, technology, international market trends that makes up today's knowledge economy. He is a thought leader whose opinion and analysis will continue to bring out critical and timely issues for years to come. My experience with him comes first hand working with him on dozens of projects including co-authoring 'Six Billion Minds'. It was clearly a learning process that has given me new perspectives on collaborative yet competitive global communities among others."

Faisal Hoque
Founder, Chairman and CEO, BTM Corporation
Author of Alignment Effect, Winning the 3-Legged Race, Sustained Innovation

"Mark Minevich is a visionary, futurist, community-builder, and world-class networker. He has an increasingly important role to play in the prosperity and progress of the global village."

Dr. Lou Marinoff
Commonwealth Scholar, fellow of World Economic Forum, author of "Plato Not Prozac!", Professor of Philosophy and former Chair of Philosophy at The City College of New York, president of the American Philosophical Practitioners Association (APPA) and a philosophical practitioner.

"It is hard to think of an issue more pervasive and more compelling to business today than globalization. In an age in which even small businesses can quickly and easily establish world wide reach via the internet, all assumptions concerning cost, competitiveness, skills, marketing, sales, and just about everything else in business are being redefined. In this rapidly changing environment, I know of no individual who has more comprehensively studied globalization than Mark Minevich. In Six Billion Minds, Mark assembles an extremely diverse and talented set of individuals who tackle the subject from a multitude of perspectives, providing insights on outsourcing, intellectual property, emerging geographies, new business models and more. The resultant text frames the topic more broadly than ever before--a key reference for thinking about this critically important topic."

Alan Ganek
CTO, Tivoli Software & VP Autonomic Computing
IBM Corporation

"Mark combines an impressive, global network of movers and shakers with a keen eye for important, provocative subjects. As such, he has been able to assemble a broad range of valuable programs over the years, and each one that I have attended has helped me in my quest to foster innovation in my own organization."

Joseph A. Cerro
CTO and Head of Informatics,
Bayer Pharmaceuticals Corporation

"Mark is a futurist with a solid grounding in contemporary technology. As such his work helps the CIO and CTO that reads it bring the technology of tomorrow into practical business application today."

Dennis Callahan - EVP & CIO,
Guardian Life Insurance

"I have known Mark for the last 3 years, particularly when he held a strategy CTO position at IBM. He is an outstanding strategist, marketing savvy individual who would be an asset to whomever has the headcount to hire him. I find him to be extremely open minded and a change agent with excellent leadership characteristics...In his outside activities since leaving IBM he was a "quick study" and contributed much value to the projects he was working on that interacted with me. His business acumen is outstanding and his level of analysis of issues together with his execution abilities make him a very valuable addition to any team."

The late Sam Albert
Creator of IBM's "Business Partner" program

"I have known Mark Minevich for many years as a friend and business associate. He has proven himself to be an outstanding example of the modern business man, combining technological skill, strategic vision and deep analytical ability with a great compassion for his fellow men (alt. with deep social responsibility for his colleagues and fellow workers.) His foundation "the Billion Minds plus one" (just kidding) will surely influence our present day thinking on how to improve the state of the world and shape global agendas to foster knowledge economy."

Dr. Michael Nobel
Chairman of the Nobel Family Society, Great grand nephew of Alfred Nobel, founder of the Nobel Prize Awards.
Chairman of the Appeal of the Peace Prize Laureates Foundation, an association of living Nobel Peace Prize winners

"Over the past year, it has been my pleasure to participate with Mark on the Technology Leadership Council. I am impressed with his depth of knowledge in not only the technology industry, but with global issues that affect the future of our societies. I look forward to continuing to share in his vision and professional network."

Randy Terbush,

"A true subject matter expert - "As a member of "CIO Insight" magazine's advisory board, Mark's extensive knowledge of the issues and challenges facing CTOs and CIOs has been very helpful. He is a true subject matter expert."

Ellen Pearlman
Editor in Chief, CIO Insight and VP Ziff Davis

"I have known Mark for a number of years and have had the good luck to have worked with him on several projects. He is a highly creative and innovative strategic thinker who brings both insight and experience to any project. Mark works at the cutting edge of global innovation and is one of the real experts in the process."

Dr. Earl R. Smith II
Executive Director, Zazi Strategic

"I consider Mark as THE reference when it comes to all aspects of globalization, be it the human factor, knowledge clusters, or technology issues facing all Fortune500 and all "not-so-large companies" around the world. On top of being one of the most knowledgeable people on global trends and their impact on our business behaviors and decision-making process, Mark is also an amazingly successful networker who is at ease anywhere in the world and with any person, and you can find him having a constructive conversation with the president of a G7 country or with the CEO of a small Indian IT consulting firm."

Valerie Orsoni-Vauthey
Chief Executive Officer -

Events Testimonials

"Global Innovation requires more then the marriage of brilliance and forward thinking. Three items must come forward as prerequisites: 1) executive commitment from the top of the organization to be an innovator within their industry 2) organizational focus on core competencies while outsourcing or replicating best practices on everything else, and 3) connectivity and the collaboration with experts and customers. Events like the "Global Innovation Summit" connects the dots, bringing together subject matter experts on the frontier of innovation, makes this initiative a true innovation enabler."

Derek Stephens,
Director, IBM

"By structuring these international teleconference roundtables, Mark Minevich demonstrates the vision and the courage needed to leverage the creative and pragmatic ideas of a diverse global community of academics, artists and business people. It defines the direction of true globalized thinking. I came away understanding very specific ways of expanding my ideas to address concerns that had been invisible from my perspective. These forums should be status quo in the world of business, politics, and world peacekeeping."

Michael Gold,
Ph.D. Jazz Impact

"It was interesting and thought provoking - great to 'listen in'."

Tara Kimbrell Cole,
Chief Executive Officer Global
Trade Finance Nework Pte. Ltd, Singapore

"... your dinners provide us with excellent opportunities to meet corporate decision makers so that we can build and strengthen relationships with our strategic partners. Best of all, the relaxed social atmosphere has allowed us to build long-lasting personal relationships".

Mr. Hideo Ito,
Chairman & CEO, Toshiba America

"Mark's work on the CTO Leadership Council has been great. He is still experimenting with the model as far as speakers and subject matter goes, but he is filling a huge need in the NY metro marketplace which is to connect and collaborate with CIO & CTO level managers to discuss how to effectively learn and leverage from each others experiences."

David Minster,
CIO of David Yurman

"Thank you for inviting me to such a stimulating evening. So many interesting ideas were floated during dinner. Thank you too for an amazing dinner in a fabulous room."

Ellen Pearlman,
VP, Ziff Davis Media

"Thanks for including me in last night's dinner. It was an interesting discussion."

Alan Batkin,
Vice Chairman,
Kissinger Associates

"Again, thanks for your help making it possible for Scott Fertig (SVP and CIO of Gartner) to attend the TLC wine tasting/dinner at the 21 Club last night; he is so glad that he was able to be there this time. I knew it would make for an extremely long day but I thought the guest list was too compelling to not attend, and Scott concurred with me this morning. He was so impressed."

Jennifer Mason, Gartner

"I just wanted to follow up and let you know that it was truly a pleasure seeing you again at the Globalization dinner. As always, the dinner and wine were as spectacular as the company and the conversation. Thanks for inviting me."

Richard M. Entrup,
Chief Information Officer,
Byram Healthcare

"Thank you so much for including me in a very special evening. The conversation was most stimulating, & the venue and the wine dinner absolutely first rate."

Dennis S. Callahan,
EVP/Chief Information
Officer Guardian Life

"Mark -- thanking you for a very pleasant evening of both food and intellectual conversation.. A lot of mental capacity was on hand and very expressive, we truly needed a long afternoon on a porch somewhere with large ice teas to do the subject matter justice ...I was fortunate to have been invited to join the evening , and hope that my comments were a bit helpful.."

John Stevenson,
CIO of Sharp Electronics

"What a memorable evening. I'm not sure we solved any of the world problems, but it was a level that I'm now much more confused then before...Nevermind...It was a great dinner, with great company...and I guess its part of the process..".

Andre Spatz, CIO of UNICEF

"Thank you very much for inviting me to a truly special event. I enjoyed every aspect of the evening."

Joe Iannello,
Sr. VP & CIO Information Services,
Movado Group, Inc.


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