Our Associates

Sandra Lope-Bello

Chief of Staff and External Relations Manager

Sandra is the official Project coordinator / Chief of Staff For Going Global Ventures and Executive Assistant to Mark Minevich. Her work experience consists of doing work in the field of administration, business development, marketing and customer care.

Global travels and interest in empowering women in technology have been a major part of Sandra’s professional career, which drove her to joining the Going Global Ventures team and has been working with them ever since.

Besides working in business development , she is part of an NGO called WorldMerit who with collaboration with the UN developed an annual program (Merit360), a community of young change-makers striving to positively change the world and tackling complex global issues and how to solve the Sustainable Development Goals goals set in 2015 by the UN.

She graduated In the Singidunum University in Belgrade with a double-bachelor in Marketing and management, and Finance and Banking.

Angelica Sirotin

Associate for GGV, Sr. Advisor, Strategy Analyst, and Engagement Manager

Angelica Sirotin is a Venture Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of Sirotin Ventures, a boutique firm offering strategic business, valuation, and fundraising solutions for small-mid-size companies. She is a strategic advisor to investment and management consulting firms that have secured over a billion dollars worth of equity and debt financing for businesses globally.

For GGV, Angelica focuses on market/competitive research, investment presentation analysis, complex analytics, and management consulting engagements with private and public sectors.

Angelica was one of the co-founders of the Digital Pioneers Network (DPN), a community-based Digital transformation Think Tank.

Published in: InformationWeek Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, The Hill Magazine, Gifted Education Review, and has delivered keynotes to organizations like the UK Parliament’s House of Lords and SwissCognitive.

Will Saulsbery

Associate for GGV, Sr. Advisor, Content Strategy Analyst, and Media relations

Will is the founder and managing partner of Ashtonbery Consulting LLC, an advertising, marketing, and management consulting firm based in St. Louis, MO.

Will is renowned for his work in the fields of content ideation, creation, and distribution as well as his extensive work in the fields of social media and digital advertising in both B2B and B2C environments.

Will has created marketing campaigns for businesses with one location all the way to the Fortune 100. Success of these campaigns is built upon his ability to do a full marketing diagnostic of a company. From their current website, to metrics of past campaigns, to customer personas, to distinct and clearly defined and agreed upon goals of all marketing efforts.

His work in content marketing spans endless industries. He has worked with clients in the AI sphere, marketing, sales, retail, and education to craft plans to showcase his clients’ expertise in prestigious publications to show what true thought leaders they are.

He also currently serves on the Marketing Advisory Board at the University of Missouri St. Louis. In his free time he plays tennis, basketball, and writes a column for ArchCity Media in his hometown of St. Louis.

Ana Turcan

International Policy Analyst

Ana Turcan has 10+ years of experience in International Development in the public and private sectors and has driven various major development projects during this time.

During her time with the Institute for Advanced Research in Artificial Intelligence (IARAI) in Vienna, she has designed, developed, and managed the international agenda of the Institute. Mrs. Turcan developed institutes strategic partnerships e.g. ESA (European Space Agency), with objectives ranging from data sharing, joint research projects, research exchange, data competitions and workshops, and scientists exchange. Her particular field of expertise lies in the area of researching funding opportunities, funding applications, technical programs/grants, and managing EU calls for tenders. Ana was driving strategic community engagement activities with EU institutions, Governments, Corporate, and Academia via building relationships within the artificial intelligence and machine learning industry. She lead the Public relations agenda as well as management of the Social media of the Institute and was responsible for managing scientific events and sponsoring packages. Prior to joining IARAI, Mrs. Turcan was a Policy Advisor within the World Artificial Intelligence Organization in New York. Previously, she was a Business Developer and Researcher with Metis Vienna and a Project Manager in Steinbeis Innovations Zentrum in Stuttgart. Ana speaks 7 languages English, German, Russian, Spanish, Romanian, Bulgarian, and Italian.

Dominic Dyer

International Policy Advisor

Dominic Dyer is one Britain’s leading wildlife protection and animal welfare campaigners, writers, broadcasters, and social media influencers.

Unlike may conservationists, he became a wildlife protection and animal welfare campaigner after a career in government and industry using the skills he acquired in Whitehall, Brussels, and the corporate board room to fight for the protection of animals and nature.

Dominic started working in the Ministry of Agriculture at 17 and during his career in Whitehall worked in a wide range of policy areas in the UK and Brussels ranging from marine environment protection to EU farming and trade policy.

After leaving the Civil Service he went onto work in the food and drink industry (Head of Public Affairs Food and Drink Federation) specialising in natural and health products and the development of vegetarian and vegan foods before moving into the plant science industry (CEO Crop Life UK) to focus on global food security and new innovations in agriculture and food production.

After a 20-year career working in Whitehall and Industry Dominic turned his formidable communication skills and knowledge of how government works to become a voice for wildlife protection and animal welfare at home and abroad.

Dominic was CEO of the Badger Trust from 2013 to 2020 and is currently Policy Advisor and Wildlife Advocate at the Born Free Foundation and a Board member of Wildlife and Countryside Link.

In April 2023 Dominic was also appointed as Chair of Nature 2030, an increasingly influential forum for bringing industry, NGO’s and environmental campaigners together to focus on tacking climate change, biodiversity and species loss at home and abroad

In November 2021, Dominic worked with the UK Cabinet Office to chair a “State of the Earth” Question Time event in front of a live audience of over a 1000 people at the COP26 Climate Change Summit in Glasgow.

Dominic is a Director and Fellow of the British American Project and an Alumni of the Council for the United Stated and Italy and a regular media commentator on the transatlantic relationship.

Dominic is a regular speaker at wildlife protection, animal welfare and environment conferences and debates and a contributor to the print and broadcast media on a wide range of issues relating to the protection of animals, wildlife and the natural world and the future of farming and food production.