Our Vision

At Going Global Ventures we Are reinventing growth for the digital world.

Over the next 10 years, there will be more wealth generated for smart business owners, executive management, and educated investors than in the entire 20th century. AI has long been sensationalized as the new “wonder-weapon,” creating a completely false narrative that AI integrations, or even simply labeling existing products and services as AI, could change the fate of companies.

The business and economic landscape is transforming so quickly that sole product or service ideas will not be enough to create long-term massive success. Therefore, the correct vision for what the world will resemble five years from now stems from being able to anticipate and identify what major problems will exist, and then developing product or service ideas to address these problems. We will see rapid and massive social and economic changes over the next 5 to 10 years. These transformations will occur on an unprecedented scale, and impact everyone from healthcare to security, no matter one’s level of income or status. Change has indeed been accelerated by emerging AI technologies, which can enable and empower the long-term vision of entrepreneurs.

Globalization has upset the dynamics of power: new players have and will emerge, and tech businesses that struggle to sustain global growth will be left behind. As our president Mark Minevich wrote at Forbes,  Globalization’s Second Act Is The Digital Boom. The augmentation of businesses with AI is projected to raise productivity by up to 40%. This will allow companies to save on labor costs and better allocate their people and resources to conduct the work they were hired for. 

Moreover, by 2035, AI could double annual rates of economic growth by changing the very nature of how work gets done. In other words, it would create a never-before-seen marriage between man and machine. Business leaders who hope to drive the next wave of globalization will need to embrace certain realities about the changing landscape, beginning with the move toward on-demand everything.

But what are those steps? How can we lay the proper infrastructure to maximize our power to fuel the forward march of innovation? What will the tech revolution mean for our larger economy?

Our Global AI Executive Team And Advisors

In order to find the very best solutions (rules, products and services), we have formed a team of outstanding visionaries and experts, who complement one another via their special sector expertise and research areas. Our group is highly selective, and works with top tier corporate clients, as well as government agencies/entities. We are building a new, first-of-its-kind strategy expert network boutique that leverages the latest developments in AI and digitalization, as well as other relevant emerging technologies, to deliver cutting-edge business, technology, and digital strategy solutions.

We partner with some of the most innovative senior leaders representing Fortune 500 organizations to help reimagine their business enterprise, including: business models, functions, processes, job descriptions, and customer interactions in a world where cognitive intelligence, emotional intelligence, machine learning, and digitization are the norm. We are taking advantage of our public profile brands, track record, AI expert and research network, as well as the broader technology ecosystem in US, Japan, EU and Israel, to offer only the best services for our clients. At Going Global Ventures, we disrupt convention, and pioneer in order to build the digital future.

Our Value Add And Differentiation

Artificial Intelligence initiatives are still considered experimental, with unknown business results, and can represent a challenge to IT and similar business operations.

Only later when companies decide to institute these innovations can potential trouble ensue. In most cases, companies lack adequate AI resources, as a significant shortage of AI experts, data scientists, and quantitative mathematicians exists. Alignment between IT and the business can also create sub-par results for AI initiatives.

A recent PriceWaterhouseCooper study predicted that enterprise AI adoption will only continue to grow. In a survey of 1000 companies, 20% said they planned to adopt AI across their entire organizations this year. 15% said they planned to implement AI in multiple areas of their business, and a further 22% said they were in the “investigation phase” of deploying AI within their business. Altogether, these numbers reflect the fact that nearly 60% of the polled organizations are in some stage of the AI adoption process. These numbers hint at both a huge opportunity and appetite from organizations to explore and realize the business benefits of AI, but also shows that the true adoption levels (contrary to media hype) are still very low.

There are many barriers to AI adoption, the largest of which is data. An AI solution can only be successful when it runs on a well-structured and high-quality data set, which many organizations lack. Other significant challenges include a growing skills gap, internal stakeholder resistance (due to a perception of prohibitive complexity), inadequate IT infrastructure, organizational unpreparedness, and the looming issue of regulations that are not keeping pace with technology development (e.g. GDPR and the limits it places on the storage and use of personal data.)

No matter what stage of AI maturity you are at, whether or not you have built a proof of concept or are in the middle of your first-generation AI deployment, we provide you with actionable solutions and resources to help you navigate through uncharted ground. Our expert services have been meticulously designed to address even the toughest situations that you will likely encounter when implementing your own AI initiative.

Our expertise can help support your company’s C-level and senior management teams in planning your technology strategy and help align technology initiatives to support top-level business objectives. We can help you decide when and how to leverage cutting-edge technology to drive your strategic initiatives, guide your organization to embrace emerging AI technologies and trends, and integrate them into your operations, analytics and business product lines.

While excitement around the potential of AI is not diminishing, adoption is still very challenging for many (if not most) organizations. Going Global Ventures is here to help guide you on your AI adoption journey.