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At Going Global Ventures we combine business strategy with our experience and insights of solutions, opportunities and threats from AI to help build your strategic digital transformation journey. Our team brings decades of experience running organizations across industries and first-hand experience working with companies undergoing significant digital transformation around the world. We have advised senior leadership teams from multinational companies, government policy officials, and start-ups.

Global Cognitive Research Assessment 

Our ecosystem enables us to provide access to the latest innovations from research institutes and specialized AI companies. Our endless network of advisors, partners, and connections keep us current with every new innovation, advancement, and policy. In turn we are as prepared as any entity on earth to keep you at the forefront of your industry.

Maturity Scoring And Readiness Enablement

We help organizations of all kinds prepare and optimize their business for AI deployments. Our services include:

  • Maturity assessment and scoring: Through interview and observation we will help you asses where you are in your AI journey, where you are doing great, and areas we can help you improve on.
  • Fully tailored, single or multi-day AI readiness workshops: We will tailor full day workshops with our experts based on your current needs and goals. These will be fully interactive and a chance for you and your teams to engage and learn what they want and need to learn. This is not a cookie cutter workshop. We design YOUR workshop.

Business Adoption Strategy

We are your allies and mentors in this process. We don’t make a list of suggestions and leave you in the dark. We want you to be set up for long term success. We believe that if every company harnesses AI and uses it correctly and ethically, every business and every citizen benefits.

We ensure you and your team:

  • Have a governance committee established to keep you on track and held accountable to yourselves
  • Have an AI strategic blueprint to build from and follow
  • Have AI that gets applied across all the silos in an organization
  • Are exposed to emerging AI technology contextualized and aligned into a business use case at the enterprise level
Digital Pioneers

Cognitive Exchange Network In Collaboration With Digital Pioneers Network

In AI engineering and research, new techniques and discoveries occur everyday. Finding information on the latest relevant innovations coming from the scientific community and leading tech companies becomes overwhelming and causes people to give up and stop looking.

Getting access to the right knowledge can be tough, because the experts are scarce and hard to find. However, some of the most experienced AI Research and AI Industry leaders can now be accessed through our Cognitive Exchange Network in collaboration with the Digital Pioneers Network.

Through our network we merge leading AI techniques, research and best practices with our own world-class commercial software development and make it all available to our clients.

Digital Pioneers Network works together to deliver commercial projects, actively share best practices, resources and case studies and collaborate on public and private research papers, to further the advancement of Artificial Intelligence for the benefit of the exchange community.

Instant Access To Global Network Of AI Luminaries And Experts In Collaboration of Digital Pioneers Network

The deeper you look into our network you see a vast array of brilliant minds you will have access to. Among those you can find:

  • Leading Practitioners and AI Industry Leaders
  • Leading AI Researchers  and Sr Fellows
  • Investors and VC’s

This is only a small list. Rest assured, if there is an issue or obstacle you are facing regarding AI, we have access to the perfect mind to help you overcome.

Implementation Services With Our Research Partners

Though us you have access to our various research partners. They will work one on one with your company in:

  • Productizing new AI algorithms
  • Productizing AI product ideas
  • Open-source support of AI products
  • Updating legacy AI solutions with new results from research

We empower our clients with the knowledge and tools they need to make their AI projects successful, and help them realize the true business value of artificial intelligence.

AI Guidance For Boards

We understand that especially at large companies any implementation of new technology requires buy in from several players, usually in the form of a board. We are experienced in navigating the complex relationships that exist between highly accomplished individuals at the same company.  We work to teach new processes and gain buy in in multiple ways:

  • Educational workshops covering introduction to AI, use cases for your industry, ethics and governance questions
  • Advice covering governance, oversight, ethics frameworks and AI strategy.

We will not leave until your full board understands the processes and benefits your enterprise will experience from full and ethical implementation and use of AI.

AI For C Level

We also offer tailored programs and opportunities for C-Level executives. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Delivering digital value and competitive advantage through AI
  • Opportunity identification workshop
  • Data discovery and strategy formulation engagement
  • Business and operational planning engagement
  • Workshops to identify opportunities and assess different approaches to delivering AI
  • Advice on working with partners – whether start-ups or established players

Guiding Investors In AI

If you are intrigued and considering investing in emerging AI technologies, but are unsure of when and where to allocate your funds, we are here to guide you. It is our goal to make sure all of your money is invested in a manner that will garner you the return and results you desire. There is a lot of tech, and a lot of misinformation floating around concerning AI. Let us give your clear and reliable guidance. We accomplish this though:

  • Due diligence process to assist investors in AI-based companies
  • Assessment of data and technological strengths; competitive space and business plans

Partnership Advisory

If you are not ready to go it alone we are here to help you in your partnership. We offer advice on working with partners, whether they be:

  • Long standing players in the AI sphere
  • Startups working in emerging tech
    Your peers looking to venture into AI for the first time

Will will work with you and establish workshops tailored for you to identify opportunities and assess different approaches to delivering AI. Again, we want to create YOUR workshop, not a workshop.

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